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"Stabilise Pty Ltd" is a Melbourne based, private company that is underpinned by a fundamental belief that people are innately sexual beings and have the right to have their sexuality acknowledged and respected. This may require a practical or specialised approach that enables people with disabilities and those requiring support, the opportunity to access Sexuality Education on a broad range of topics and adult sex toys and products to meet their individual circumstances. Stabilise was established in recognition that there are a number of barriers for people accessing Sex positive information and Adult toys and products, including embarrassment, lack of awareness or availability of practical options that can assist to address intimacy issues.

We have worked with people through a range of funders including TAC, WorkCover Insurers and Funds in Court.

Services and products are able to be provided for claimants with the funders approval. 

Stabilise is a registered NDIS provider for Services : 0116 Innovative Community Participation (other line items can be used). 

1. Sexuality Education is designed to address the specific needs of the individual or couple. Topics may include issues such as consent, privacy, intimacy and respectful relationships. Accessible information can be developed to support clients and for future reference.

2. Consultations are with experienced staff to discuss suitable options to address individual requirements.

3. Liaison with providers to develop sex positive policies and processes.

Referals can be made by the individual, family or service provider: Email:

Stabilise is a registered NDIS provider for Adult products : 0103 Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety.

Adult toys and products:

1. Discreet packaged products for people living in residential units

2. Accessible mechanisms for people with limited or reduced fine motor co-ordination.

3. Source items to meet personal requirements..

4. Flexible options for payment of items- purchase orders, PayPal, Direct Electronic transfer, NDIS payments.

5. Discreet packaging and postage Australia wide.

6. Products available have been chosen to meet a number of specific factors including: Quality, Safety of materials and Ease of use.

Products can be purchased via this website and NDIS purchases through the NDIS Purchasing page

Professional Development and Workshops

Stabilise offers specifically developed sessions for people with disabilities, partners, family members and workers across a broad range of sectors including Disability, Health and Community Services.

Sessions are designed in collaboration to meet identified requirements of the group and are designed to be fun, informative (average duration one hour).or further information including a quote, please contact Victoria via email on 



Victoria presenting to Nurses at the Austin Hospital



Victoria presenting to nursing staff at the Austin Hospital
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