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Stabilise Pty Ltd (ABN: 65 153 091 224)  is registered in Victoria, Tasmania, ACT and Queensland 

 New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia

Provider Registration Number: 4050015779

Code: Low Cost AT for Personal Care and Safety 03_090000911_0103_1_1



For people with a plan-manager or whose plan is NDIA-managed:

1. Ensure you have funds available under the above Plan Code

2. Select the products you would like to purchase and "add to cart"

3. Once you have chosen your desired products, select standard shipping and go to checkout 

4. Fill in the shipping details - Your name and the address that you would like the items to be posted to 

5. It will then ask for payment - Select the "Manual Payment" option

6. Press on the "click here" button and a new window will open.

7. Fill out the form with all of your NDIS information or Plan managers details and press "Invoice". This will send us the information to input into the NDIS portal.

8. Return to the previous screen and select "Continue" and then "Place Order", this will then notify us of which items you would like and where you would like us to post them.

9. We will then manually enter all of this information into the NDIS portal for payment approval. Items will be sent as soon as payment has been approved. 

Please note 

Items are only listed as "Personal Health Device" or "Personal Health accessory" to maintain your privacy

It can take 3-10 days for payment to be approved. We will keep you updated through the process

For people with Self managed plans:

1. Products can be purchased directly through Self-Managed plans. 

2. An invoice will be issued once payment is received via PayPal or Credit Card.

3. Reimbursement can be made directly through the NDIS.

4. If you require a different payment method please contact us 

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