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"Be kind" Easy Competition!

Lockdown 6 - Day 26....The lockdowns have had an enormous impact on each of us, our families, community and societies as a whole, made more difficult by being unable to plan for today, tomorrow or next week.

Being kind to yourself is especially important now and remembering that you are not alone in feeling confused, worried, angry, tired, bored and stressed.

We decided to have an EASY competition to give away some of the wonderful "WILDFIRE" All natural, Australian made Sensual Massage Oils to encourage our supporters be kind to themselves (or someone else!)

How do you enter? It's easy!

Just write a short (one sentence is fine!) message on our Facebook page sharing something completed during any of the lockdowns that made you feel good.

It might be tedious like cleaning out the draws or enjoyable like planting flowers for spring!

There are three prizes and the winners will be selected via and drawn next Thursday (07.09.2021) after 5pm. Winners will be notified.

Good Luck!


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