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Inspiration in Lockdown 5.0

We are living in unusual times (to say the least!).

2020 is a fuzzy memory and 2021 is going the same way!

The lockdowns have added a level of isolation to millions of people in Australia (and billions around the world!) disrupted lives including important interactions and activities that provide a sense of purpose and belonging. We have missed not being able to meet people at the range of events and Expo's we had regularly attended including the annual VALiD "Having a Say" Conference.

These events have been a wonderful way to meet people and listen to their experiences about issues impacting on sexual expression as well as providing insights into sourcing products that support and enable sexual health and wellbeing.

Professor Nicola Spurrier, The Chief Public Health Officer for South Australia Health, gave advice to residents living under stay-at-home orders to "Think of some hobbies to do to take your mind off being in lockdown" and suggested her husband tidy up his sock drawer.

Excellent advice and listening to Medical Professionals is something we really rely on!

My sock draw didn't need tidying....the Stabilise Toy Cupboard was another thing!

So began the task of Stock taking - sorting, counting and working through the products and realising that some weren't on the website (next task!).

The favorites such as the Wildfire Pleasure Oils (Australian made), Wicked and Pjur lubes were easier and the discovery of a range of other items filled in the day.

It was definitely worth taking the Doctors advice and way more interesting than socks!

We hope you are all staying safe and well and being kind to yourself and those around you.

The Stabilise Toy Cupboard- sorted and tidy!

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