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Jono's first review!

Hi! I'm Jono and I’m excited to be partnering up with Stabilise to offer open and honest reviews on a range of sexual assistive devices that I have tested.

The Pulse Interactive-

First impressions:

As I opened the package, my first thought was, “there’s no way the device is going to work for me”. The Pulse is a small egg-shaped toy with no handle per se to grip onto, very different to the toys I’ve used in the past, but I am always up for a challenge. As shown in the photo, the Pulse has an opening enclosed by soft silicone wings that expand around you, allowing for use with different size penises. Before receiving the Pulse, I had only ever used toys that completely covered the penis. The main reason being that I am a shooter, and concealed toys ensure that the mess is contained. With the Pulse, I was concerned that I would make a mess for my support worker, but I had to wait and see.

Using the toy:

On first use, I decided to get on the bed. With previous toys, I’ve had the flexibility of choosing between my bed or my wheelchair, but due to the toy’s shape, I opted for the bed where I can adjust the space a lot easier. Once I was positioned in bed, I struggled to align the toy properly, especially with the lube on, making it more slippery. I did manage to get it on eventually but dropped it about four or five times throughout the process. If you have limited hand or arm movement like me, you may need assistance getting the device on. The second time I used the device, I asked my support worker to help me attach it and place a towel behind it to keep it steady. While these adjustments made the experience a lot smoother, I still needed to circulate the device around the glans of my penis for maximum pleasure. Each time I have used the device, I found that I had no trouble keeping it on once I was erect, although the towel trick was very useful in instances where I wasn’t. On the third time, I decided to switch from the bed to my wheelchair. This was a lot trickier to navigate as there wasn’t enough space in front of me to place a towel and steady the device. When it comes to the Pulse, my bed is the best bet.

One thing that intrigued me about the Pulse was the interactive element. An interactive feature allows the device to sync to a compatible video to give the user an immersive experience. Unfortunately, I tried multiple times over two weeks to get the interactive features working on my Android and iOS tablets but had little success. On my most recent try, I was able to get one video to sync with the toy, but beyond that, no luck. Interestingly, when my device was connected to my computer, the interactive features seemed to work with all the videos, although the connection continually dropped out, so I begrudgingly gave up. In my experience, interactive elements are usually disappointing and rarely work correctly, and this device was no exception. I personally wouldn’t pay the extra amount for interactive features on any device.

After using the Pulse, I was pleasantly surprised with how little clean-up was required. Due to the vertical position of the toy, the semen was contained to the genital area. What comes up must come down! Additionally, the Pulse is waterproof, and the silicone/ABS material makes it a quick and easy clean.

Regarding the sensation, I have to say that this is the best feeling I’ve experienced from a toy. However, having to adjust the position constantly takes away from a long-lasting pleasurable experience.

The multiple vibration settings were a feature I enjoyed as they ranged from 6 different modes, each providing a unique sensation. This was further appreciated by how quiet the toy was in each setting.

Overall, I believe that the product ticked boxes concerning the sensation and vibration settings. However, as the interactive elements were essentially redundant, I would recommend the Pulse Solo Lux – the same product minus the interactive feature. The Solo Lux also comes with a remote watch and is $70 cheaper than the Interactive. Finally, I would recommend this toy to anyone with solid hand mobility in at least one hand or someone who can be supported in operating the device.

Product Info: PULSE SOLO LUX With its versatile wrist-strap remote and turbo function ENABLES HANDS FREE USE Whether used flaccid or erect and is one of the most powerfully versatile sex toys designed for male masturbation and for anyone with a penis. USB Charged Waterproof $ 209.95

Product info: PULSE III Duo

Turbo Function- press and hold the button to go straight to maximum power

State-of-the-art magnetic charging.

USB Charged Waterproof $180.00

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