AndroBath is a device that uses hot water to increase the temperature of the penile tissues, thus making them more flexible and increasing the blood flow. This way, the expansion and traction that are transferred from the device to the penis can be exploited in an optimal manner.

AndroBath favours the well-known principle of the tissues’ responsiveness and it activates the multiplying process of cells through stimulation. This method exploits the natural functions of our body.

AndroBath is based on the principles of expansion and traction and it doesn't have any side effects. It is made in Italy with resistant and light materials of the highest quality. The device is made up of:

- A Rubber bellow to return the force that is released by its compression.
- An external chamber.
- An automatic valve to retain and release the force.
- An internal chamber for safety and dynamic support.
- The pressure control is possible by checking that the top of the internal chamber reaches the right level on the adhesive metric scale.

AndroBath is tested, safe, easy to use and it can be used in both bathtubs and showers.

Andro Bath FX45


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