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100% natural ingredients
Australian made
4 in 1
Safe for internal use
Safe for use with NON latex condoms
Safe for use with toys
Increases libido and sexual performance
Heightens arousal, orgasm & sensation
Double strength herbal formula
For those who want more intensity

Wildfire Black is a double strength formula packed with the most potent aphrodisiac herbs available today. It has been created for those that want even more intensity.

Its bold, its beautiful, its an all together new experience from Wildfire. With vivid new fragrances and newly discovered herbs Wildfire Black will ignite your passion like never before. Use as a bath or body oil for skin that’s unbelievably supple. Indulge in an exotic massage with the one you love or experience the world’s most sensual lubricant. All we can say is once you’ve tried Black you’ll never go back.

Wildfire "Black" 50ml or 100ml

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