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The Universal Launch is an automated Fleshlight experience for most of your Fleshlight toys (and other masturbators)!

What's Included

  • Universal Launch™
  • Universal Smartphone Mount
  • Power Cable
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Instruction Manual

    *Fleshlight not included*

How To Use

  • Securely strap your compatible Fleshlight product in using the Universal Ratcheting System.
  • Slide your product through the gripped circular opening. Once in a safe, desired position, use the large latch to tighten up the grip. Lift the large latch from its left side to ratchet the strap in snugly, taking care not to overtighten and possibly damage your Universal Launch or your Fleshlight.
  • Then power up and enjoy the product's many features! The Universal Launch’s easy to use, light-up rocker switches allow you to adjust between four variable stroke lengths and stroke speeds, moving as quickly as 250 strokes per minute.
  • If you want a more concentrated experience, shorten the stroke length and toggle through the three available pleasure zones - base, shaft or tip.
  • The universal smartphone mount on top gives you the option of viewing your favorite content while both hands are on the controls.
  • With a full charge, your sessions can run as long as 60 minutes, but can also be experienced while plugged into the wall utilizing Fleshlight Active Launch Mode.

Fleshlight Universal Launch

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