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Product Guide

                Not sure what you're looking for? Here is a quick guide: 

Enhancement Rings (cock rings)

Cock rings are put on the base of the penis when erect and assist in keeping the blood in the penis, maintaining a longer erection.

This is useful for people experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) due to degenerative conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and prostate issues. Rings come in a variety of sizes and include vibrating options that provide additional stimulation for the wearer and their partner. Rechargeable options are great for people who have difficulty accessing or handling batteries and are used for couple intimacy.

Masturbation sleeves:

Used to simulate vaginal, oral or anal penetration by a penis.  Available in compact, non anatomical options through to full male or female torso models and full size Love dolls. Some sleeves also have vibrating functions, remote control, heating rods and larger hand grips.

Prostate Massagers: 

Prostate massagers enable the prostate gland within the male anus to be stimulated for pleasure. Prostate massagers can be used to assist a man to get an erection.


Anal Stimulators:

Butt plugs and simulators are used for anal play and range from mini butt plugs to larger models, include vibrating and remote controlled options. 


External clitoral stimulation: these are usually smaller in size and used to stimulate the clitoris from the Vulva. Can also be used to explore alternative sensual experiences for people with limited genitalia sensation due to spinal cord or degenerative conditions 

Internal only stimulation: larger in length and stimulate the internal clitoris within the vagina.

Rabbits: provide simultaneous internal penetration and clitoral stimulation. Some options have multiple motors that allow personal preference on speed and intensity of stimulation.

Strap On products are available in harness and harness free options and available with remote controls, either battery or USB charged.

Additional Information: A quality water-based lubricant and anti bacterial toy cleaner are recommended to prolong longevity of the product and ensure safety. It is recommended that Batteries are removed after use.

Lubricants: Assist with personal or couple intimacy or use with toys. 

Personal or couple: Silicone provides a longer lasting option and can be used as a massage oil.

Water Based Lubricants are safest for use with condoms and toys.

Specialist water based and Silicone lubricants designed specifically for women's bodies. Recommended for people experiencing additional health issues, medications and life stages such as pregnancy and menopause.

Toys - A quality water based lubricant enables an easier and more pleasurable experience, enabling easier insertion. 

Anal Lubricants- Containing Benzocaine, a topical anesthetic to help ease some discomfort associated with anal play.

Flavored Lubricants- come in a range of flavors and can provide additional sensory experiences.


A range of sexy items for any body.  Various sizes: one size fits most, queen and diva (subject to availability)

Health and Hygiene

Menstrual Cups provide an option to tampons and pads and are re-usable. Inserted into the vagina during menstruation.

Condoms are available in a range of sizes and in latex and non- latex options as some people are allergic to latex.

Anti-bacterial toy cleaners are available in sprays and foam to ensure toys are hygienically maintained between use.

Specialist supplies: Please contact us for specific requests!

We will endeavor to advise, source and supply items, including visual materials that are not on the website. Delivery may include postage costs and will be discussed at point of order.

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