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Jono Reviews! The PDX Elite Hydrobator Rechargeable Masturbator

First impression:

It is time for another review of a male masturbation device. When I saw the PDX Elite Hydrobator rechargeable masturbator on the stabilise website, I knew I had to get my hands on it. It looked like the perfect shape, and I thought I’d easily be able to handle it because of the big handle. I wasn’t wrong either. When I got the PDX Elite Hydrobator out of the box, I noticed that it fit perfectly in my hand.

Using the PDX Elite Hydrobator:

At first glance, the PDX Elite Hydrobator looks like a hairdryer. The device consists of a long round tube with openings at either side for your penis. The masturbator is connected to a tube-shaped handle. The handle is approximately 2.54 centimetres in diameter, which was more than easy for me to hold. The on and off buttons and the controls for altering vibration and intensity are positioned at the end of the handle – this is where my issues with the toy began. I found that the position of the buttons limited my ability to use the device, as I have limited strength and coordination in my dominant hand. For that reason, the device may be better suited to someone who can use it with two hands – one to hold the device and one to press the buttons.

When it came to using the PDX Elite Hydrobator, I had a lot of trouble. The device has seven vibration settings, but I struggled to feel much sensation from it. Most of the intense vibration of the device is centred in the middle of the device, meaning that smaller penises may not be able to feel the vibration. It’s hard to say if that is because my penis is on the smaller side, because of faults in the device’s design or a combination of both. Keep in mind, I tried the device on five different occasions and had the same results – so it wasn’t for lack of trying!

Last comments:

Whether my lack of success with the PDX Elite Hydrobator is due to my body or the masturbator, I would prefer something that pleasures the entire length of my penis rather than only the head. Even though I can hold this toy more easily than any other toy, I’ve found that if you can’t use it or feel the stimulation, it gives as good a result as my hands – nothing!

Star Ratings:

  1. Ease of use: 1/5 stars

  2. Enjoyment/sensation: 1/5 stars

  3. Value for money 1/5 stars

$255.00 RRP

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